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Member Survey Responses 2016

Jun 2, 2016 ||

You talked, we listened. In April we asked you to take our annual Member Survey and tell us what you love about being a member, and ways we can improve.

To say thank you for all the time and effort you put in to help us make your experiences even better, we’re responding to some of your most common questions and suggestions.

Is there a number I can call to check my account balances?
Yes! IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union makes it easy to stay on top of your finances by offering multiple ways you can access your accounts 24/7.

You can use Phone Branch anytime by calling (309) 793-6317. No waiting, no dialing extensions. You’ll just need your account/member number and eServices code to gain access.

I think I have rewards on my credit card, but I don’t know how they work or if I have any.
The changes we made to our credit card program in 2015 included the end of our points-based rewards program. We discovered that a majority of our members used their reward points to get cash back or purchase gift cards. So, we cut out the middle man and now allow members to simply earn 1% cash back on all purchases, all the time.

Learn more about our new cash back program at

Does IHMVCU offer vacation or Christmas savings accounts?
You bet. Whether you’re saving for the indefinite future, college tuition or holiday shopping—you name it, and we can help you save for it.

Our holiday savings accounts allow you to make deposits all year, and then automatically transfer the balance to your checking account when it’s time for holiday shopping.

Stop by any branch to learn more about our holiday savings accounts, or open select accounts online.

Is it possible to get a notification when my account balance is low?
Setting up balance notifications for your accounts is easy with Online Branch. Simply log in, and click Notifications in the top right corner. To create a new notification, click the button that says Add new notifications.

You can set text or email alerts for low balances, large withdrawals, check clearance or even have it remind you when a loan payment is due!

Is there a faster way to deposit my check? My employer doesn’t offer direct deposit, so I usually have to use the night deposit box and wait for it to be deposited the next day.
Have you tried the remote deposit feature on the mobile app? Now you can deposit checks quickly and easily, anytime, anywhere.

If you’re already an Online Branch user, download the app today in the App Store or Google Play.

Need to enroll? Visit to get signed up and start making deposits on the go!

I wish I didn’t have to use my debit card 12 times a month to have a checking account with you.
Our Checking Plus does have some requirements (like debit card usage) to earn dividends at the qualifying rate, but don’t worry if you don’t always have 12 transaction per month. There’s no penalty fee charged, you just earn dividends at the non-qualifying rate.

But, if a no-strings-attached free checking account is what you’re interested in, we have that too. Our Free Checking account has no minimum balance, no monthly fees and no monthly requirements.

Learn more about checking with IHMVCU at

I really need help with investments. Do you have a financial planner?
We offer financial planning and advising services through IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union Investment Services. Bob Blaze*, CFP® has been helping clients with financial planning for more than 20 years. He specializes in personalizing wealth accumulation strategies, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and retirement plan rollovers.

Ready to get started? Give Bob a call today at (309) 793-6200 ext. 8199.

You should offer free counseling for members with too much debt.
To better serve our members who need help managing debt, we partner with GreenPath Debt Solutions. Greenpath has helped individuals tackle their debts for more than 50 years. They’ll work with you to assess your financial situation, create a customized budget and an action plan to get you out of debt for good.

Some banks offer cash back or discounts when you use your card certain places, like gas stations and grocery stores. I wish IHMVCU would do that.
Good news—we do!  We’ve teamed up with some of the biggest names in shopping and dining to offer you cash back on your everyday purchases when you use Online Branch and pay with your IHMVCU debit card. The best part? No coupons. Just accept the offers when they’re presented in Online Branch, and the rewards are automatically credited to your account each month. It’s a pretty cool program for just using your debit card and Online Branch.

If you didn’t see your question answered here, or just want to ask something else, we’re all ears, all year long. Reply in the comments, or reach out to us on Facebook.

*Our advisors are securities licensed in IA, IL, and WI. Securities offered through Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp., Member FINRA ( & SIPC ( Securities are not are not federally-insured; are not obligations of the credit union; are not guaranteed by the credit union; involve investment risk, the value of the investment may fluctuate, the return on the investment is not guaranteed and loss of principal is possible; may be offered by a dual employee who may accept deposits on behalf of the credit union and may sell non-deposit investment products on behalf of a third-party securities broker-dealer.

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